Who is Shelby?

I'm just your average challah eating, women loving, mezuzah kissing, pride parade attending nineteen year old girl. After years of struggling to merge two crucial pieces of my identity, practicing Judaism and being gay, something clicked. I started to share my experiences as a femme Jewish lesbian.

In 2013, I embarked on the blogging journey that is shelbycurran.com. It began as a platform for an online college resume and catalyzed into a medium of public self expression. Since then, I've connected to hundreds of readers, taken a selfie with the CEO of change.org, recieved mail with commentary ranging from "you're inspiring" to "this is only a booty call", addressed an audience of 2,500 people, improved my gaydar a signifcant amount (um, we all called Ellen Page) and have been published in major news mediums as well as a college essay writing book. Ultimately, I jumpstarted my life mission of becoming a writer and LGBTQ activist for religious inclusion.

When I'm not promoting femme visibility or succesfully stealing yo girl, you can find me playing with puppies at pet stores or doing yoga at odd hours. A current sophomore at Florida State University, I study English with a concentration in Editing, Writing and Media, hoping to further develop my craft.

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