Who is Shelby?

Hello, I’m Shelby Curran, and I love creative writing, literature, and communications. A current sophomore at Florida State University, I study English with a concentration in Editing, Writing and Media, hoping to further develop my craft.

While I’m not yet certain where my passions will take me professionally, I am eager to use my past experiences to open new doors. As a previous Zimmerman Advertising intern, I am well-versed in creative copywriting and the branding world of retail. Moreover, I'm passionate about promoting gay rights in religious environments, and am a former freelance writer for the Miami Herald South Florida column. Recently, I spent a year conducting undergraduate research that studies bilingual childrens' interest attitudes towards reading. To cope with growing up, I write in my spare time, which is supposed to make me personal and sensitive. I genuinely think that knock knock jokes are funny. I always cry while watching Lilo & Sitch, but didn't the first time I saw The Notebook. Ultimately, I'm a product of my experiences, and a lover of everything that is exploration.

I’m addicted to social media, think of my best ideas while on the back of my horse, and am convinced that I'm fifty-six percent bowlegged. When I'm not promoting social equality or praying in temple, you can find me playing with puppies at pet stores or doing yoga at odd hours.

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Most Recent Work

  • Published Work

    Young Spanish-Speaking English Learners' Interest and Attitudes Towards Reading

    During my sophomore year at Florida State, from August 2015 through March 2016, I participated in research within the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders through the Undergraduate Reasearch Opportunity Program (UROP). I worked as a research assistant to a Ph. D student and an FSU professor. We sought to examine the relationship between reading attitudes and language, and the literacy outcomes of Spanish-speaking English learners (ELs) in kindergarten and first grade. The children were seperated into small groups to complete a 21 question survey. They colored in the picture of the Garfield that best represented their emotion (1= very upset, 2= slighty upset, 3= slightly happy, 4= very happy) towards questions about recreational and academic reading. My job was to help administer surveys and to collect, record, and analyze the data. In conclusion, we found that there were no significant differences between grade levels. Generally, we discovered that most of the reading attitudes were positive. I had the pleasure of presenting this research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and at FSU's National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) Conference in March 2016. The reserach report is in the process of being published-- soon there will be a link provided with more information.

  • Published Work

    Mike Lazarus: Founder of Buds Clothing

    "Mike Lazarus: Founder of Buds Clothing" was published on HerCampus.com in October of 2015. It was named the article with the "highest number of page views" for the week. This article showcases my interviewing skills and highlights a notable student-founded clothing company at Florida State University. In addition to this piece, I published ten other articles on HerCampus.com during fall of 2015, which can be found at http://www.hercampus.com/author/shelby-curran.

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