Applying to College? Need Essay Help? Buy this book.

Look no further, rising seniors.

Writing Successful College Applications (by Cynthia Muchnick and published by Peterson’s) is a must-have for every student applying to college. This book offers top notch advice from Deans of Admissions at renowned universities, an overview on how to write a good college essay/personal statement, and overall guidance in the step-by-step application process. If you are seeking professional opinions, essay examples, and a firsthand look into the admittance process, you can..

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This book was just released this month, so it’s new and hip! All the cool kids are doing it!

And. And. And. (I know this will be your selling point..)

My CommonApp essay/personal statement is published in it!

Thanks for the pic, mom (Essay #9: Cultural Identity & Personal Exploration)




If you can’t read it too well from this low quality pic then I guess you’ll just have to buy the damn book.

Posted by Shelby Curran on Wednesday 3 December 2014