disco party

The sun’s rays will turn to arrows

and strike the house cat


Do you1 want a key to my place?


It’s disco themed

and you1 said I don’t have any disco clothes

but if I were you1 I’d go to the mall just to fit in


When birds can use feathers for their own pillows

Every seashell will have holes

perfect for necklace making


If I have bags under my eyes


I’m going to be really pissed.


Shen/a is a fire-breathing dragon

Smoking looks really good

On her


I always liked that about you1

They said “disco party”

and you1 said “fuck that.”


What is electricity?

The wrinkles of two palms melting in prayer


elephants connect

trunk to tail

let’s hold pinkies like that

yours are small.


I have a face ache now

Not a head ache but

a face ache

hurts underneath my eyes up into my skull


hope your1 night is splendid


When people finally see what goes on inside of anthills

Dragons will stop breathing fire and start living in castles


Pink like the sunset

Almost became a scene from the lion king


Eating scrambled eggs

That were not your1 scrambled eggs

Was the best revenge

You1 bitch


What if

A three legged dog and a

A deaf man wearing sunglasses

Were the best of friends


Thought you1 were

An induced burst of serotonin

Turns out

I am

Posted by Shelby Curran on Sunday 11 January 2015

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