excerpts from linda, part one

“I want you to know

that I didn’t hook up with anybody

in Orlando”


our coffee date lasted

18 extra hours

you left your socks on my floor

and your towel on my shower rack

leave pieces of yourself here



be sweet to me

you say

be sweet to me

do you want to know what happened

the last time

I was sweet to someone?


the freckle on my back

above my pants line

is the north star

my spine is like a compass

when it arches beneath

and your hair is very much

all the colors of an African plain

the way your eyes move in such a way

when you feel anything at all

like a wave from each of the seven seas meeting in the middle

the beds of my finger nails are

sp lit in ha lf

like Japanese chopsticks

right down the middle


your voice is like florida thunder

when you try to hold me and say

it’s not like that

it’s not like that with you
lips like giant Egyptian pyramids

stacked on top of each other powerful thanks to

the work of the slaves that have been there before

but i can bring the world to you


many time we’ve wondered out loud

why there are yellow rings

around my blue eyes

but I’ve known

the whole time

I’ll never tell you that

it’s because

you kissed the sun

into them and sprinkled stardust

on the iris in the most peculiar way

shook all the particles in there with your fingers in

the very same motions that you play a guitar with

i know why you did it

just so that everyone can see you looking all smitten and yellow

light years away from me

somewhere in the panhandle, right

just so that everyone can see you when they look at me

the traces of your yellow everywhere

and i’ll bite my tongue back just to

hear you guess all the reasons just to

feel like the prettiest damn thing

when you look into my yellow eyes the way you do

trying to figure me out


you’re such an aries and

your favorites are sunflowers and

your mother’s maiden name is marshall and

you want to go to Iceland and

you’re allergic to bees and parakeets and penicillin


we have the same toothbrush


yours is one shade lighter

makes sense

because I’m more intense


doing everything

sdrawkcab backwards with you

like bed all day

and dinner when it should be breakfast

we forget that

birds still fly past the window and

we forget that

lights still turn green even when we’re stopped

while we’re hibernating

someone else is boarding a plane

someone else is having a baby

someone else is burying their mother and

the only world that I care about is

the one that exists in the traces of sun-kissed stardust

in the yellow rims of my eyes remember that

the only world that i care about is

the one that exists in all of the tight parts of

your back

small stones

i want to put them all in my pockets

take them to the river bend and skip them across the water

so they can bother some other world

not yours and mine


if only you weren’t

weighed down by

every small stone in your back

let me straighten your spine


it’s your dream to

c l i n k

shot glasses with every human on earth

and their pet dogs


“crack my fingers”

is morse code

for so many things


when did bartender by t pain

become a love song


always been bad at math

don’t want to be

“a percentage kind of girl” anymore

i’m 99.99% sure of that


what i meant to say was

yes, i will always help you reach the top shelf of the cupboard

yes, i want to keep holding your shaking knees while you play fast car

yes, i’m glad to be the reason that you actually finish a painting

yes, i don’t mind getting good at road trips if that means


because if i have to go another day

i might just go all john mayer on your ass


you left your perception of time in my bedroom

your watch doesn’t fit me

the strap doesn’t tuck under just right

and that shade of brown looks dumb on my pale skin

your watch doesn’t fit me

which is funny

because time never fits over our wrists either

when we’re holding hands

you know

“five minutes of a life time with you”

you said that


you like things that have your initials on them

root beer

and engravings on the backs of cars

should i stitch those two letters into the palms of my hands

so when you touch all the parts of me and ask “is this mine?”

i can press the bases on my hands to your face

and finally say yes

should i paint them in the crevice in between my ribs

so your name gets skyrocketed into my windpipe

should i carve them on the surface of my kneecaps

so when i kneel on the floor to

clean the kitchen

or pray for something

i can press your name into the earth

so that you can be a part everything


you played

semi charmed life

in my living room

wearing a sweater

trying not to be too serious

slid your fingers across the frets

like you do on my skin when you say good morning

i have never seen you more alive

then you were for those three minutes

so I sat there with my glass of juice

while you redefined what was beautiful


let's go be stupid somewhere


break me

like a wishbone

I will give you

What you want, one day

I will let you

Have my wish, one day

I will always,

Let you win


Posted by Shelby Curran on Monday 1 February 2016

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