i am (Imitation Piece)

*Inspired by Lisa Jarnot’s Sea Lyrics. Written for Foundations of Creative Writing class at CCC.

*I am I am I have I have been a long time.


I am vacuuming popcorn kernels from the carpet in the kitchen, I am waiting for the sun to set so I can watch the day die, I am a seal balancing his ball on his nose for other’s amusement, I am the gathering paintings of Jesus at Goodwill to be used for decoration, I am skipping down Clark Street, I am waiting for a bird to fly into my window, I am a Taurus who wants so badly to be a Gemini, I am catching a plane to Milan.


I am consumed by the sounds of sirens in the street, I am waiting for a bus and it’s late, I am dancing in my sister’s jazz shoes, I am wishing she will praise me, I am kissing the wings of every cicada in North America, I am the gluten free menu at the restaurant at the corner of Congress and Dearborn, I am giving directions to a homeless man, I am the smallest woman in the world living in a skyscraper, I am the undiscovered Waldo in my own storybook.


Today I am the Mona Lisa smoking a joint in the parking lot where there are always empty spaces between the white lines, where the neighbors always complain about the smell of confused teenagers, where the streetlights are always brighter than the full moon, where the dirty pigeons gather like a disorganized Alcoholics Anonymous group, where I once saw a drug deal, where I felt out of place because I don’t do drugs and the joint is fake, where we painted our nails the color of mother’s apron, where you can see the highway but can’t get to the street that leads you to Indiana.


And I have a long time been in the era of fruit loops with extra sugar in the mornings, and I have been a long time in the era of false advertising, and I have been a long time waiting for your boat to arrive, and I have watched dragonflies mate in a garden of dead chrysanthemums, and I have wondered why no one has finished the Bud Light in the fridge, and it is late afternoon, and I have dreamt up a plan to imprint your face on a map, and we dug up a treasure chest filled with chocolates, and I am in the jungle where the jaguars play, and I have invented a glass bottle that never empties, and I am in submarine descending to the core of the earth without you.

Posted by Shelby Curran on Tuesday 14 October 2014