left cheek

If I can seduce you2 with anything,

It’s my Walmart night gown collection.


Drove through your2 town

With mumford and songs playing

Windows down

Everything was green- even you2


Spotlights blink

like fireflies do


This is like that one Halloween:

My sister and I walked home from the bar

And a drunk man slapped my ass so hard

That I had a red handprint

On my left cheek for two days

And when I tell people that story

They always laugh

But to be perfectly honest,

You should be careful when touching

My left ass cheek because I still get real freaked out

for some reason


We’re talking one adjective here


You2 are overrated

And so are your2 thousands of Instagram followers


Only kissed you2 because

I was attracted to the way your2 hands

Fit around the steering wheel

That’s really the only reason

So don’t get too excited


The orifices in your face will become sinkholes

One day

I just know it


I said: tonight there will be a crescent moon

To the right of Venus and Jupiter

Jupiter has a strong gravitational pull

And Venus is maybe like earth’s twin

I said: the energies of the world are balanced tonight

so spend sometime outside

because feeling the moon move would be good for you2

You2 said: It’s too cold out there

Always been more a “sunlight” kind of girl

But I’m the moon, cratered and ever changing

She grow things, I move the tides

She only sees me when it’s dark out

That’s why we will never work out


I had the best damn day in Disney World without you

So forget you1


And don’t you ever try

To touch

My left cheek


Posted by Shelby Curran on Wednesday 28 January 2015

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