Voices of the Last Generation

This is a remix/remediation project I created for my Writing and Editing in Print and Online (ENC3416) course at Florida State University.

"Voices of the Last Generation" is a remediation of my grandmother Irene Zisblatt's memoir entitled The Fifth Diamond. It remixes real letters sent to her from middle school students through a time span of nearly a decade, thanking her for visiting their schools and expressing to her the impact she has had on them. After mixing together phrases from different letters, I stamped the free verse poetry onto thought-provoking images. The goal is to showcase the significance of Holocaust education. Currently, only five states require that the history of the Holocaust be included in public school curriculum. Through this remix/remediation project, peple can see, firsthand how much students are impacted when meeting with survivors and learning from the past, for this generation is the last to have the opportunity to interact with eyewitnesses.

To see the images, click here.
Posted by Shelby Curran on Tuesday 19 April 2016

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