From the classroom to the aisle, two Posnack teachers get married

"From the Classroom to the Aisle: Two Posnack Teachers get Married" was published in the Posnack Pulse on January 28, 2014. As a founding staff member of my high school's first online newspaper, this was one article I published. It discusses the wedding plans of two teachers, with fun-facts ranging from proposal details to first dance song choices.

"After months of organizing table seating, mailing invitations, tasting cakes, and tailoring the white gowns, the big days finally arrived for two of Posnack's teachers, Mrs. Faraone (formerly Ms. Chajin) and Mrs. Carvajal (formerly Ms. Hartner)...Diego Carvajal proposed on vacation in Scotland, and Tony Faraone got down on one knee on New Year's Eve 2013...'My advice to all future brides is to remember that your most beautiful memories of the day cannot be purchased. The flowers die, you'll never wear your dress again, but the love that surrounded you will always be with you,' shares Mrs. Carvajal."

Posted by Shelby Curran on Tuesday 28 January 2014