The Universal Femme Fact: Two Worlds Divided- Butch, Femme, There’s not just one type of lesbian

"The Universal Femme Fact" was published in the Miami Herald on August 16, 2013. During my time as a freelance writer for Steve Rothaus' Gay South Florida column in the Miami Herald, I covered a range of topics regarding current LGBTQ events and personal stories.

"Welcome to the femme world- where gender expression does not determine sexuality and where curled hair and the latest BCBG dress meet pride parades...We are here, we exist, and we are just as "out, loud, and proud" as the short-haired masculine butch girl you pinned as lesbian when you were at the mall last Saturday. And can you really blame me? Have you seen Essie's new summer 2013 polish collection?"


Posted by Shelby Curran on Friday 16 August 2013