Writing Successful College Applications (featured essay titled Ready or Not)

One of my college essays, "Ready or Not" was featured in the book Writing Successful College Applications by Cynthia Muchnick, published by Peterson’s, on September 30, 2014. The essay highlights significant childhood memories and personal milestones, using the metaphor of hide-and-seek to explain my journey.

"Unlike most English freaks who cling to the words of Shakespeare and Whitman, my life motto has been set since the second grade. 'Ready or not, here I come' has always been my personal apothegm, even before I could comprehend poetry, literature, and philosphy...As one who is not afraid of new adventures, I have tasted every flavor of Yoplait yogurt, belted a solo in the spring musical, and built a snowman with orange peppers instead of a carrot nose. But I had never been teh seeker of my own destiny."

Posted by Shelby Curran on Wednesday 3 June 2015